Manna 1lb Bag
One IngredientSustainableProtein


KETO + Paleo

Zero carbs. Gluten, dairy & soy free.


Naturally Complete

One ingredient, no additives, all essential amino acids.


The Most Sustainable

3x more sustainable than concentrated plant protein.

Protein Powder


Goes great in a post-workout shake (mine is oat milk, banana, mixed berries with kale, and Manna Protein). I also put it in my veggie burritos so I can get my protein, save some money, and feel like I’m not contributing to the animal farming industry without sacrificing my protein requirements.

— Aaron M.

Protein Powder

Protein Shakes, Baking & Cooking

Sunflower seedlike taste

1:3 Manna to flour replacement in any recipe


All essential amino acids


Vitamins & minerals


1 Ingredient

Manna 1lb Bag

The most sustainable protein on Earth

CO2 kg per protein kg

Darkling Beetle

Manna’s single ingredient is Tenebrio molitor.

Our darklings convert food extremely efficiently, produce no waste, and are high in protein.