Our Story

Our home is our future.

We grew up in Alaska. Known as the Last Frontier, Alaska is largely undeveloped. Winters are longer, national parks are larger, and our wilderness is wilder. The Alaska wilderness is a big part of who we are—and we believe that everyone should be able to have that connection with our planet.

The Manna Team

We’re a team of Alaskan entrepreneurs out to make big changes to the planet. Luke Wright, CEO, started Manna after reading about the impending food crisis. Our COO, Eli Fouch, joined Luke in 2018, inspired by the practical and sustainable benefits of Manna. In 2019 Kyle Fox, CBO, joined the team to help get Manna in the hands of our customers. Ken Hayes joined Manna in 2020 to help us secure and develop the technology to make Manna even more sustainable.

How did we come up with this?

In 2017 Luke was on a train traveling across Europe when he read an article about an impending food shortage as our demand would outgrow the land available for food production. This started him down the path that would eventually lead to developing Manna Foods.

Alaska to Asia to Texas

Luke Wright founded Manna Foods in Palmer, Alaska, where his research lead him to discover the darkling beetle. In 2019 Manna was invited to participate in the Space F Accelerator in Bangkok, Thailand, where we worked with leading food and tech firms in Thailand and Singapore to perfect our product. The Manna team is now in San Antonio, Texas, producing Manna Sustainable Protein Flour.

Meaning of Manna

In the Book of Exodus, the Israelites are starving in the desert when God sends Manna from heaven for them to eat.