Our Story

We’re from Alaska, the Last Frontier.

Each member of the Manna team has experienced Alaska in a unique way.

Eli was 12 when he fell into a ravine while hunting sheep and was rescued by his dad on Lazy Mountain.

Kyle’s memory of climbing Matanuska Peak with his dad, ascending through the clouds over a 9 hour hike is something he will never forget.

Luke recalls freshwater river diving to build a weir for salmon population research.

These experiences have shaped who we are, helping us understand that we are a small part of a bigger picture. We created Manna to provide people quality nutrition that doesn’t sacrifice land and produce unnecessary carbon as a consequence. If everyone were to consume more sustainably, then we could all have access to the wilderness that is necessary for human experience.

You make the difference

Every bag of Manna offsets as much CO2 as two trees. That’s because other proteins, including plant isolates, produce more green house gas than Manna.

Luke Wright

I used to eat a lot of whey powders to get the protein I needed for building muscle. That milky powder would always sit inside me like a lead balloon, making me bloated and sluggish. Like most people I just accepted the feeling as part of building muscle, whey protein was a necessary means to an end.

Then, a few years ago I went backpacking and came across a Dutch article discussing insect protein as a future food. The idea stuck with me until I returned to Alaska. The thought of consuming whey in my effort to resume weightlifting and hiking was killing the desire to be active in the first place.

It occured to me that I wasn’t the only one that had this negative relationship with protein. I did some research and discovered that whey and even plant protein concentrates required vast amounts of energy and chemical filtration to produce. 

Inspired, I used funds from my renewable energy company to kickstart research into insect protein. Over the course of a year, the protein from our early Manna farm contained all the essential amino acids to be a complete protein; and most importantly, it tasted great all by itself and made me feel great too.

Fast forward to today, my close friends and I are in Texas scaling up a facility of beetle protein production. We’re producing protein that’s not just good for you, but is good for the planet too.

Meaning of Manna

In the Book of Exodus, the Israelites are starving in the desert when God sends Manna from heaven for them to eat.