Us vs. Crickets

Do you buy cricket protein?
Try instead.

  • Superior insect protein
  • $20 less per lb than cricket
  • 16% more protein
  • More sustainable
  • Better taste

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Better Taste

At 6x less sodium than crickets, Manna tastes far better.


More Affordable

Our species is easier to farm, that means a lower price.


More Sustainable

Manna requires less water, land, & feed than crickets.

Seriously — $19.99

We’ll even throw in free shipping if you subscribe.
Other insect proteins costs $40 per lb + $8 shipping.

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Let’s be honest, cricket tastes bad

Insect protein can taste mealy and chalky. In the case of cricket, it’s because it has such high sodium content. At 6x less sodium, Manna tastes great.

Manna Protein smells and tastes like sunflower seeds, which is perfect for baking and cooking.

Why does Manna cost less than cricket protein?

Our darkling beetles are much more conducive to farming than crickets. We give them the perfect habitat and use automation to farm them. Manna’s darklings are happiest and healthiest in the environment we give them. We harvest them at larval stage.

Ethically farming crickets is a challenge. They need 3 dimensional space to jump, and require more food and water than darklings. Because they are more needy, they require more labor. Also, crickets aren’t social, they often cannibalize each other.

Comparing Manna Protein to cricket protein, Manna is clearly the better insect protein. Manna has has less sodium and cholesterol per serving than Exo Pure Cricket Powder, and it has more vitamins and minerals.


1 Million Acres More Than Cricket Protein

Our mission is simple: Conserve a million acres, one square foot at a time.
For every pound you buy, you conserve 1 sqft. You’re already doing the planet a big service by eating insect protein—by switching to Manna, you’ll be doing it even better.

Made in USA

Do you know where your cricket protein is coming from? If you don’t know, there’s a good chance that it’s being shipped from China or Thailand, where there are few standards and little oversight.

At our facility in San Antonio, Texas, we farm, process, and package our insect protein in-house.

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  • Is Manna really that much cheaper than cricket protein?

    Yes. Much cheaper. Here’s how much other insect proteins cost:

    • Chapul Cricket Flour Protein: $45 per lb
    • Entomo Farms Cricket Powder: $38.49 per lb
    • Entomo Farms Organic Cricket Powder: $47.50 per lb
    • Entomo Farms Mealworm Powder: $50 per lb
    • Exo Pure Cricket Powder: $39 per lb

    Don’t forget to add shipping! For a lb of protein, shipping will average out to around $8 if you were to buy your bug protein from any of these companies.

    At Manna, we ship for free. That’s a huge savings to you. With that kind of savings, Manna is a full $10.49 cheaper than our nearest competitor.

  • How can you be cheaper than Exo Protein, Entomo Farms, and Chapul?

    Exo, Entomo, and Chapul sell cricket protein powder. Manna is made of darkling beetle powder. Darklings are measurably easier to farm than cricket, making it more cost effective than any other bug flour.

    Also, we provide free shipping. That’s a pretty huge savings, but we think it’s important to get the most sustainable bug flour on the market into your hands.

  • Why is Manna the best insect flour?

    Cricket flour is the most prolific insect flour on the market, but it’s certainly not the best. Why? Because commercial cricket powders (like Exo Pure Cricket Powder, Entomo Cricket Protein Powder, and Chapul Cricket Flour Protein) are naturally salty and they’re not always as sustainable as they claim to be.

    Manna tastes great. Darklings have a natural, nutty taste—we often compare it to sunflower seeds. Part of the reason that darkling protein tastes so good compared to cricket protein is that Manna contains 6x less sodium per serving than our competitors. For example, 30g of Exo Pure Cricket Powder contains 120mg of sodium. Manna has just 20mg.

    Of course the big reason that Manna is the best bug protein is its nutritional value. Comparing Manna Protein to Exo Protein (cricket), Manna has:

    • 3g more protein per serving
    • 25% more Branch Chain Amino Acids per serving
    • Half the cholesterol per serving
    • 6x less sodium per serving
    • 2x the biotin per serving
    • Manna also contains Vitamin E, Thiamin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Selenium. Cricket powder doesn’t contain any of that.
  • How is Manna Protein more sustainable than cricket protein?

    Crickets don’t make great farm animals. They are antisocial and will even cannibalize one another. “How do I get my crickets to stop eating each other” is one of the first results regarding cricket farming.

    Darklings are happiest clustered together in warm, dark places. We provide them an optimal environment for happiness and health. They are the perfect micro-cattle, and combined with our technologies, efficient protein producers. They require less feed, water, and labor than cricket—it’s as simple as that.

    Eating cricket powder is fine, but eating Manna Protein is best.

  • Is your shipping really free?

    Yes. Manna will change the world for the better, and we want to get you to start eating it. That means that insect protein needs to be accessible, and so we’re eating the cost of shipping to help you get the best bug protein on the market.